About Us

Executive Continuing Education Training and Corporate Development


Specialized Training

We teach business owners and executives how to grow their business through executive continuing education training and The Millionaires Master Class.

Executive Master Class Include:

• Turnaround Management 

• Capacity Building 

• Human Resource Management  

• Human Resource Development 

• International Trade 

• Government & Corporate Contracting 

• Staff Training & Development 

• Business Development 

Our Method

Business Assessment


The business assessment review includes but not limited too: A review of your organization’s purpose, history, unique strengths and advantages, menu of products and services, market or need, as well as your operational plan and financial plan.

Feasibility Study


The feasibility study is the organization’s primary tool for assessing the practicality of a project, expansion or new venture and providing an analysis of the new venture’s potential risks and rewards.

Strategic planning


Provides a tool for anticipating the external environment, including competition, trends, client needs, legislative and regulatory changes. Helps to dictate a course of action or direction for the future and Guides the organization’s leaders.

Executive Master Class